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Ionic Liquid and Metal salts
1. Product Code Name e.g. EMI-FSI , MPPY-FSI , DAA-FSI
1. IL volume unit 25g, 50g, 100g, 500g, 1.25kg in glass bottle, 50g, 80g, 160g, 400g, 800g, 1600g in aluminum bottle, and Contact us your requiring volume.
2. Grade Classification (a). Industrial grade (b) Electrolyte grade 3N(99.90 % min,)
3. Package Packed in Heat Resistant Glass and sealed in aluminuim jipper bag.
For electrolyte grade packaged, packed in Heat Resistant glass and sealed with a strech film. Besides, packed in aluminum zipper bag

Iionic Liquid Electrolyte doped with Li salt and Formulated products
1. Product Code Name e.g. TREKLITE ILE-45V, ILE-52V or Specific formula product
2. IL Electrolyte volume unit : Please refer the following package specification table
3. Grade Classification (a) Industrila grade TREKSTAR (b). Electrolyte grade TREKLITE

Packing Information

Under Transortation, of Ionic Liquid and Electrolyte, it should be packed in a

streching film on aluminum bottle to protect against any damage. And also,

packed in Aluminum zipper bag.

About package

Bottle label color

Bottle size

Bulky Drum Supply

As for your requirement in supplying a bulky volume in some interval term, the supply condition shall be consulted with our logistics department concerning a bulky drum supply.

Please contact us to study your program on

bulky supply condition through Enquiry(Message